The members of the Community of St. John, in the diversity of their particular vocations, all yearn to respond to Jesus’ call by following John, his beloved disciple. They “take Mary into their homes” (John 19.27), learning from her to seek after wisdom and to share a fraternal communal life, and, as desired their founder, Father Marie Dominique Philippe, to become a family truly serving the Church.

The Brothers

The brothers strive to live the life of the Gospel, following Jesus as the Father’s beloved Son who was sent to us. Their apostolic life - rooted in contemplation, enlivened and nourished by the word of God, the Eucharist, and bonds of fraternal love - depends upon the needs of the local Church.

The Contemplative Sisters

The contemplative sisters, like Mary, desire to live in silence Jesus' all-consuming love for the Father and for mankind. In the midst of the Community of St. John, they are living witnesses, through the fervour of love, of the vital importance of contemplation for every Christian vocation.

The Apostolic Sisters

The apostolic sisters desire to incarnate Mary's merciful presence, close to each person. They serve the Church's mission of evangelisation primarily in giving witness to the mystery of Christ through times of community adoration, liturgical prayer, and fraternal love.

The Oblates

The secular oblates want to live fully their baptismal consecration in the spirit of the Family of Saint John, in communion with the closest priory.


The Community of Saint John unites 930 brothers and sisters as well as some 3,000 oblates. This religious family representing 34 nationalities in 21 countries has 91 priories.

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